Sourdough Starter Culture

This requires patience it takes 2 weeks to grow this starter culture. It also gets quite stinky (like gym socks) around the middle of the process.

It makes the best authentic Sour Dough Bread so it’s well work the effort.

Day 1: In a large glass bowl, mix 400gm of flour with 500ml of water into a smooth batter. Cover with muslin & leave for 24hrs.

This is the basic starter culture.

Day 2: Beat with a wooden spoon to add air, cover & leave for 24hrs. 

Day 3 & 4: Feed your starter. (200ml warm water approx 25 C, 200gm bread flour)

Bubbles should be appearing on the surface by now. Pour water into the starter & gently break up the starter into the water, add the flour & mix well. Cover & let stand in a warm place. Leave for 24 hours.

Day 5 & 6: Discard ½ of the starter, feed remaining culture as per day 3 & 4. Cover & let stand in a warm place for 12 hours then feed again.

Day 7 & next 7 days: Transfer starter to a container with a lid with a small air hole.

Feed 3 times a day allowing approx 8hrs fermenting time between each feed.

1st feed: 100gm starter (discard the rest) 50ml warm water 25 C, 50gm bread flour.

2nd feed: 200gm starter, 100ml warm water 25 C, 100gm bread flour.

3rd feed: 400gm starter, 200ml warm water 25 C, 200gm bread flour.


2 weeks onwards: organize your feeding schedule to suit you. Your starter is ready to use

ie: Baking in the morning, day 1 feed 8am, feed 8pm, bake 8am day 2.


Feeding Guide:

Total weight of starter with half it’s quantity in flour & water. ie: 250gm starter add 125ml warm water, 125gm bread flour, makes 500gm starter.


Low maintenance:

After 2 weeks you can refrigerate the starter to slow down the fermenting process. Do this after the first feed, it will only need feeding once a week but the water needs to be at 35 C.

At least 2 days before baking return to normal schedule.

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