I’m Back! With all new Weekly Meal Plans.

A few things have changed in my world over the last few years, I will get into that as we move forward over the next few months but today the biggest thing that has changed is food wise I’m not eating meat. I am eating a more plant-based diet; I do eat a little fish though. I still cook meat for my family but to be honest they are eating way less meat now & have remarked that they are not really missing meat. They probably eat it about 2-3 times a week now. It has made a massive difference in the food budget, I always knew meat was expensive but did not realizes how much of the weekly food spend it was eating up. And, of course when I’m in the restaurant I have to cook meat & even taste the sauces, stocks etc. It’s my job (well one of them).

 It’s a New Year!

It’s a new year and we all want to get back on track, meal planning are the perfect way to create some semblance of order. The kids are nearly back at school or if you’re like me they have finished & everyone is heading out to work. Organization is key if you want to get anything done & make sure you have some me time in your day or evening. I have changed things up a bit, so you get to use all of the ingredients you buy over the course of a month (super organised). Every Sunday I’ll pop up the weeks plan with the shopping list on the blog, (for those playing along on Facebook you will have to pop on over to the blog) recipes will be in the recipe section or just click on the link to take you directly to the recipe. There will be tips on how to change the recipes around to be plant-based. I’ll also be teaching you how to make meal that you will find at your favorite restaurant or cafe (eggs benny with homemade hollandais anyone!). There might not always be photos, I’ll do my best to have a photo but hey life is busy, so sometimes I won’t get to it. Plus I’m all about ease & flow so the perfectionist that stopped me from getting content up until it was perfect is riding in the back seat now and imperfect Kerri has taken the wheel back. So expect to see me doing my thing providing you with awesome meal plans & a bunch of wellbeing stuff to make life fun & abundant.

Have an abundant week, Kerri


Weekly Meal Plan 2020 – 1

Monday: Laksa

Tuesday: Seared Haloumi with Zucchini & Basil

Wednesday: Pumpkin & Ricotta Cannelloni

Thursday: Chipotle Chicken with Mexican Rice

Friday: Salmon & Salsa Verde Spaghetti

Saturday: Beef Masaman with Coconut Rice

Sunday: Summer Vegetable Quiche with Garden Salad

Sweet Treat: Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie

Breakfast: Eggs Benedict



Fruit & Veg

Fridge Freezer


185gm jar Laska paste

300 gm broccoli cut into small florets

2 x 180gm haloumi


800gm chicken breast filet


250gm Packet of dried vermicelli noodles

150gm green beans

24 eggs

500gm salmon

200ml vegetable oil

100gm bean sprouts

100gm grated parmesan

400 gms diced rump beef


Stock powder (Chicken or Vegetable 

3 carrots

300gm ricotta



2 x 400ml can of coconut milk

1 Lime

200gm shredded mozzarella cheese


Bottle of fish sauce (use light soy for veg option)

Bunch Coriander

500gm peas


90gm silvered almonds

3 Zucchini


200gm grated tasty cheese


285ml olive oil

3 lemons

200ml Sour cream


2 boxes of cannelloni noodles

bunch fresh basil leaves 

Packet frozen short crust pastry



700ml passata

1 small fresh chilli

300ml cream


mixed herbs

400gm pumpkin


500gm unsalted butter


Salt and pepper

4 cloves of garlic

125gm ham


1 Chipotle sauce

2 onion



1 x 400 gm crushed tomatoes

1 red capsicum



500gm long grain rice

Bunch Italian parsley



1 x 400gm can corn

bunch fresh dill



1 x 400gm can kidney beans

4 potatoes



ground cumin

1 punnet cherry tomatoes



ground coriander

1 cucumber



Small jar tomato paste

200gm mixed salad leaves




chilli flakes




500gm spaghetti




75gm jar baby capers




1 jar Massaman paste




500gm Gluten free plain flour




Beef stock power




200gm dark chocolate




500gm Brown Sugar




250gm coco powder




Baking power




Vanilla essence




4 English muffins






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