Week 2 Meal Plan

Hey Everyone, It’s week 2 of the Summer Weekly Meal Plan. 

I hope you have had a great week & that the weekly meal plan helped you get your week organized and helped you cure your chaos. This week we will build on what we learnt last week & use up some of the ingredients that we didn’t use all of last week. As you can see you don’t have to buy as much at the supermarket, that means you save money.

This week we have some great no meat options, that even the carnivores will love. The Veggie Chilli is a true winner (it’s vegan too), it’s amazing to take for lunch the next day; so you might want to make a double batch. It has no chilli in it so it’s not hot but all of the other spices give it so much flavour that you wont miss it. Serve it with last week sour cream & tasty cheese. The left over egg-whites from last weeks hollandaise are used up in this weeks Friands. 

Have a Abundant week, 



Meal Plan 2020 -2

Monday: Vegie Chilli with rice & corn chips

Tuesday: Carrot & Zucchini Fettuccini

Wednesday: Chicken & Mushroom risotto

Thursday: Wombok Noodle Salad with Schnitzel (or no meat Schnitzel)

Friday: Meatless Spiced Chickpea burgers with rainbow slaw

Saturday: Thai beef salad

Sunday: Pesto Pasta with garlic bread

Sweet Treat: Very Berry Friands (Gluten Free)

Breakfast: Zucchini fritters

Shopping List Week 2


Fruit & Veg

Fridge Freezer


500gm long grain rice

300gm button mushrooms

300ml cream


250gm chicken breast filet

Smoked paprika

2 Sweet potatoes

1 egg

4 Schnitzels (Chicken or plantbased)

1 bag corn chips

 Bunch of Spring onions

200gm grated parmesan

400 gms porterhouse steak

500gm Arborio rice

6 carrots

100gm mixed berries (frozen)


375ml white vinegar

1 Lime

Garlic bread


Soy sauce

Bunch Coriander

 4 burger buns 


100gm silvered almonds

3 Zucchini




500gm castor sugar

1 lemons



1 packet of Chang fried noodles

1 medium Wombok



125gm Almond meal

2 small fresh chilli



Dried oregano

½ red cabbage



250gm rolled oats

11 cloves of garlic



1 400gm can of chickpeas

1 onion



1 810 gm crushed tomatoes

Bunch mint



1 400gm Cannellini beans

Bunch Italian parsley



1 400gm can corn

1 cucumber



1 400gm can kidney beans

 Small knob of fresh ginger



100gm ground flaxseed

1 punnet cherry tomatoes



Ground turmeric




55gm roasted peanuts





Cayenne pepper




500gm fettuccine




250ml apple cider vinegar




1 jar mayonnaise




Sesame oil




Jar of pesto




500gm Penne Pasta  




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