Hey! Welcome to Week 3.

We are into the last month of Summer here in Australia & down here in Melbourne the weather is all over the place. While that’s not that unusual it the highs have been crazy hot & the lows stupidly cold. Weekly Meal Plan. Use this weekly meal plan to help cure your chaos, by having this one thing done for you meal time will feel calmer. 

Have an abundant week.


Week 3 Menu

Monday: Thai Green Curry Risotto

Tuesday: Moroccan Chicken with cous cous

Wednesday: Caesar salad with BBQ prawns

Thursday: San Choy Bau with noodles

Friday: Baked Burritos with fresh tomato salsa

Saturday: Beef curry pie with herbed sweet potato mash

Sunday: Special Fried Rice

Sweet Treat: Baked Cheese Cake

Breakfast: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes


Shopping List  


Fruit & Veg

Fridge Freezer


500gm long grain rice

100gm button mushrooms

500gm fresh ricotta


500gm chicken breast filet

1 jar Dijon mustard

2 Sweet potatoes

8 egg

20 banana prawns

1 jar Thai Green Curry Paste

 Bunch of Spring onions

Sour cream

800 gms mince steak


4 carrots

250gm butter

500gm pork mince

1 270ml Coconut milk

1 Lime

330gm cream cheese


Cous cous

Bunch Coriander

500ml milk


1 jar of Chargrill Vegetables

1 bunch of celery




1 400gm can diced tomatoes

2 lemons



I small jar of tomato paste

100gm green beans



80gm Almond meal

2 small fresh chilli



8 tortillas

3 red capsicum



1 pkt plain sweet biscuits

8 cloves of garlic



Small box cornflour

2 onion



1 bottle Chinese cooking wine

60gm Baby spinach



1 bottle of oyster sauce

100 gm mixed salad leaves



1 small jar Anchovy fillets

1 cucumber



1 400gm can kidney beans

 Small knob of fresh ginger



1 Turkish bread roll

4 heads of baby cos lettuce




1 iceberg lettuce




4 large tomatoes













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