How to get back on track.

Simple actionable steps to get your life back on track in 2018.

Christmas, New year, its the party season & we all have over indulged in one way or another. We ate too much, we drank too much or spent too much.

That’s cool. We are human & life is to be enjoyed !

Now its time to get back on track with these simple actionable steps, that are painless, easy & do able.


Eat better.

Buy fresh produce –  Visit your local farmers market on the weekend, order a fruit & veg box from Farm Gate or your local supermarket.

Drink more water – buy a funky drink bottle & take it everywhere.

Cook from scratch – this way you know whats going into your meals.

Portion control – eat smaller amounts of food(most people eat more than they should), know how much you need for your weight, height & lifestyle.

Don’t shop on an empty stomach –  this leads to a trolley full of junk food & convenience foods that aren’t good for you.

Don’t buy junk food – simple! but hey we all do it. Buy healthy snacks like fruit & vegetables, vegetable chips & dips.

Meal plan for the week

Take stock – Check the fridge freezer & pantry to see what you already have in there.

Write a meal plan – Based on what you have on hand write a meal plan. Also take into account what your week is going to be like ie: events, who’s home for dinner, do you need lunches for the week, can you take left overs, things like that. Post your meal on the fridge, so everyone knows what’s for dinner. Weekly Meal Plan

Batch cook meals

Organize to batch cook – Once you have meal planned, batch cook meals a head of time.  The few hours you spend doing this saves heaps of time in the long run.

Pre-pack meals – Pre-pack snacks into zip-lock bags. Lunches & even breakfasts can be made a head.

Save money

Do the above things!

Make a budget – there are some great ones over on Pintrest.

Make a goal – if you don’t have a target/goal you wont save money. It’s how our brain works.

Record every cent you spend – soon you will be spending less because you will be aware of where you money is going.

Buy less takeaway coffees – this is my big money suck. I have a keepcup that I fill up at home with my morning caffeine hit.

Do date night by going on a picnic– If you don’t do date night you should it’s good your relationship. If it’s winter or too cold to picnic outside picnic inside or in the car. Be creative & adventurous.

Fitness, well being & self care.

Go on a date night – with your partner, with a friend, by yourself. I doesn’t matter just do something for you.

Get up earlier – Set you alram 15minutes earlyier than you normally do, then every few days set if for another 15minutes earlier before long you will be getting up an hour earlier

Go to bed earlier – this make getting up easier but its the one we struggle with most. We just have to watch one more episode of that show on Netfilx/Stan/Foxtel or whatever, it’s a streaming service turn it off, it’ll be there tomorrow.

Flowers or a house plant – Buy & pick flowers from the garden put them in a nice vase or a jar, the thing is they make you smile when you see them. A house plant is the same there is something energizing about a living thing

Massage – Get a massage, a reiki or some type of therapy that lets you completely relax.

Journal – Write what you are grateful for, write about your day, get that stuff out of your head you will sleep better. Don’t like to write then draw, scribble what ever. Give it a try you will be glad you did.

Exercise – Go for a walk in nature. Go to a yoga class or  download an online class.

Meditate – Sit quietly for 10 minutes & meditate, if you don’t think you can  sit quietly , any form of mindful activity puts you into a meditative state you can wash dishes, knit, paint. There is lots of information online on how to meditate.



I hope these action steps help you make 2018 your best year so far.


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